January 24, 2010
By nlabeasteh BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
nlabeasteh BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
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I look at the tetherball pole
I go up to it, feel the thick, coarse string,
The smooth rubber ball, I grasp it,
It slips through the tips of my grubby fingers
I stare at it, and anger begins to build
From the veins of my wrists to the veins of my hands
Abuse, embarrassment, disappointment runs through my thoughts
And I cock back my arm, aim with great precision
I strike it, and in a pop,
My sufferings disappear
I turn around,
And I see children laughing and playing on the swings
Boys playing jacks, girls playing foursquare
And, for a split second, I feel happiness
I turn back around, and the tetherball smacks me
Strikes with a thunderous yelp
I fall back, down and down I go
I lay in the cold, dark cement.
I let the blood drip down.
Down my neck
Down my chest, and it stops,
At the place where everything seemed real

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