January 24, 2010
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youroctober GOLD, Welland, Other
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Elle est retrouvée. Quoi? L'éternité. La mer allée avec le soleil. -Arthur Rimbaud

Everyone’s trying to cling onto me
When in all honesty
I’m just trying to keep myself afloat.
Grabbing every bit of thread,
Every staple, every button,
They’re tugging until
I collapse.
I’m just seams and bits
Of fabric and dust;
I’m not made of any magic powder.
Whatever you see in my
Eyes is fear,
Not a stroke of brilliance or
Flash of power
That’ll make everything okay.
I don’t make things better,
I just make things work.

He’s my medicine.
I know, I know.
“I don’t let myself get attached.
I don’t let people get in.
I have big plans,
Big ideas,
And people don’t fit into that
So I push them all away.”
Maybe I said that before,
Maybe I keep repeating it now,
But I don’t know everything,
Remember, I just make things work.
So if I sneak peeks of him
During my breaks to keep
Myself breathing,
And the only way I don’t lose it
Is to think of him, to breathe him in,
Then that’s what I’ll do.

It doesn’t fit in with my plans.
He doesn’t fit in with my plans.
But neither does dying,
So for now I’ll shut up
And take my medicine.
It’s all gonna end horribly wrong.
But I told you, didn’t I?
I don’t make things better.
I just make things work.

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