January 13, 2010
the greatest sense of fear
man has ever known
lies in foretelling the unexpected,
when, moments later,
he is simply telling

lightning strikes from far below
a crack- ten more-
sent shivering along
Her earthen spine

spirits of the lost fall through,
never to return,
gaze upon sky blue
but yet-
through their relations forged-
they live on,
no matter their former desperation,
and, in that, they may- with hope-
take consolation

Exodus of the destitute
fleeing for their very lives
toward a half known hope-
savior of their time

there are those in country,
serving those in need of a law abiding master,
that, upon Her great Stretch,
found relation in pain
that no Love could match

even in their likeness,
I see a difference-
do you?
well then, I shall explain-

persons born of the Shiver
have felt it all their lives
and can do near nothing
-nothing at all-
to warm themselves,
while those pity-drawn
may venture back
to find a truly-truly?- simple thing-
the warmth of safety,
born of looking upon tragedy
from a distance-
I cannot deny they've sympathy-
I cannot!
for within their minds
lies a tangled web of feeling
--for within our minds
lies a tangled web of feeling--
thoughts of-
will it make good time?
thoughts of-
not a soul deserved this crime...
too many thoughts
to tell if they- travelers by wish- made a leisurely escape
from such a place-
full of travelers
with no where to go

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fiftiesgal467 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Feb. 4, 2010 at 6:52 pm
very powerful!
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