Haunted Memories

January 13, 2010
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Haunted Memories
Pain. Hurt. Anger. Hate. Betrayal.
Dismay. Despise. Deceit.
The blood trickles from the slits on my wrists, just as it drains from my heart.
I can’t believe she would hurt me this way.
I can’t believe she would take away my writing, my inspiration, my one true love.
And with absolutely no remorse?
How could she do this to me?
I never hurt her.
I never started rumors about her.
I’m not even really sure how she could believe I would do that to her.
It hurts so badly.
As if she drove a knife into my heart.
As if she twisted said knife until the look of pain on my stricken features satisfied her pleasure.
I lie here now, wondering how long this pain will last before it finally consumes my soul.
I see the blood pooling beside my limp body.
I see her face reflected in the pool of blood.
I feel her body sitting close to mine, her hand holding my own.
I feel my weight being involuntarily shifted into her embrace.
“Please don’t die. How could you do this to me?” She yells, but I barely hear a whisper.
I look at her through blurred vision.
As I begin to speak my words slur.
“How could I do this to YOU? You did this to me…you are the reason I brought myself to this point. I’ve done nothing to you.”
I see the hurt, the guilt, the anguish, the sorrow appear in her features.
I push away from her arms with the last bit of force I have left.
I don’t get far.
As the last ounce of blood drains from my body, I take my last breath in her arms.
In the same embrace I used to wish for, yet now try to avoid.
As her false words and hurtful actions have haunted my last years, I hope these last seconds haunt her for a lifetime.

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