She is Love

January 13, 2010
By MyElf SILVER, San Leandro, California
MyElf SILVER, San Leandro, California
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She’s always there for me
She’s kept me going
Pushes me forward
She loves me with everything she’s got
Forces me to hold my head up high
Dries my tears
Holds me all through the night
Tries her best to cure the pain
Put a smile on my face
She helps me up when things get bad
She knows me better than anyone
Pours her strength in me when I have none
Made sure I got to where I needed to be
Encouraged my dreams
She’s kept me from being lonely
She hears the verbal abuse
Is there when it turns physical
Tries to shield me as best as she can
She keeps me on my feet
Standing tall
She’s there when things get desperate
When all I want to do is run
Makes sure no one sees
The tears that fall from my eyes
She clears my path in life
When it gets blurry
She’ll always be there
Even when I don’t think I need her
She’ll always fight for me
To keep me happy
As I drown in the river of death and despair
She will pull me out
Breathe life back into my lungs
Tell me it’ll be alright
Even if she’s not sure
She’ll care for me until she has nothing left to give
She may not look it but she is strong she is love
She is me
And I am all I will need
At least…
For the time being

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