School Girls.

January 13, 2010
By lori_0225 SILVER, Clermont, Florida
lori_0225 SILVER, Clermont, Florida
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"I'm in a world surrounded by people, but I constantly feel alone." - unknown.

You stand there looking around in the crowded hall,
You see girls with compact mirrors looking like they’re about to crash into walls.
So worried about their looks that they spend all, morning doing their hair and hours on deciding what to wear.
Scared of the opinions of others that they lose all confidence in themselves,
Stuck on what they see on T.V. that they think to look good you have to look like everyone else.
They think that wearing Hollister makes them better then others,
And they only look out for their own feelings and don’t care about another’s.
Money doesn’t give anyone the right to be cruel,
But it seems as if the meanest girls get to rule the school.
It seems the meaner you are the more friends you have, and school is just another opportunity to make people feel bad.
School has turned into a runway show, and individuality in their words “has to go”.
There are times when you want to ask them the point of their teasing,
If you go to school to show off your new outfit then you’re there for the wrong reason.

The author's comments:
This is not me discriminating against preppy girls because I am definitly one of them. It's just sorta a wake up call to some to show how ridiculus we really act sometimes to make sure that we look "good".

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