January 13, 2010
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I looked up and my eyes met hers,
Seeming oddly familiar I searched myself to know who it was.
It scared me the pain I saw in her eyes,
Her smile acted as her disguise.
All I recognized were her dark, almost black eyes.
I fell to the ground and just cried.
I couldn’t believe what I had just realized.
The girl staring back was me, her pain was mine.
A girl who always acts like she’s just fine.
As I thought out loud I said wow she’s not though,
Look at her… or look at me, she’s hit an all-time low.
Or should I just admit that I’ve hit an all-time low.
Either way…whoa.
Again tears fell from my eyes,
Rewinding back to all my lies,
All the times I told myself I’m okay, I’m fine.
I’m not, and now it isn’t something I’m willing to deny,
I admit I’m not fine.

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