Your World

January 13, 2010
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There were times in my life
That I struggle to be free
Those times they were with me
They keep holding onto me
And the land and the world
Where no one ever seem to reach
But you and I
This world exist…the one I created
I made it especially for you and for me
But it’s not like all those time
When I chase you and you wait for me
This time whenever I saw you and chase you
You just went farther and farther away from me
You didn’t even bother to wait for me
And when you’re in front of me
And I reach out to touch you
I touch nothing but empty air
But one day you actually talk to me
You said to me
‘Baby…I’m sorry
I never meant to hurt you this way
I never meant to hold you back like this
I never wanted you to leave my side
Never wanted us to be apart
And I’m just so scared that you’ll walk away
But now I’m feeling guilty
I’m holding you back from life sweetie
So I made up my mind
I have no other choice if I want you to be happy
So baby…it’s time to wake up
It’s time to move on again
But when you wake up and realize I’m not there
I hope you make it through
And I hope you find someone
Someone who love youAs much as I do’

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