Marshmallow's Game

January 13, 2010
By LippStickkLullabies GOLD, Dassel, Minnesota
LippStickkLullabies GOLD, Dassel, Minnesota
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My best friend is a Marshmallow

And I'm her awesome Muffin

I love her

Outside and in

And she's in love with this guy

But she's too afraid to say

Because she doesn't want their friendship ruined

So she goes through the pain everyday

It hurts me too

Seeing her this way

We're in this together though

But when there's nothing I can say

Nothing I can do

We both feel helpless

This is all kind of like a game

One played in darkness

Its a long game for sure

But soon, someday

A little light will show

And help us find our way

Through this hurt filled game

And finally

My Marshmallow

Will reach her heart's desire

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