Pixie Pet

January 13, 2010
By GloriaDeo7 BRONZE, Chester, New Hampshire
GloriaDeo7 BRONZE, Chester, New Hampshire
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Dogs and cats are nice
And crabs and goldfish too
But me? I want a fairy.
No other pet will do.

A pixie doesn’t shed her fur
A pixie doesn’t pry
A pixie doesn’t need a walk
She’d really rather fly.

I’ll keep her in my purse
And take her out at night
Then she and I can sprinkle dust
The pixies use for flight.

Around and round the room we’ll fly
Till all the dust is gone
We’ll talk and laugh and dance and sing
From fading light to dawn.

I don’t want any other
In the pet store I won’t be
You can have your cats and dogs
But a fairy’s fine for me.

The author's comments:
This poem was written in honor of my little sis who absolutely adores fairies. When I got her a fairy book for Christmas, I gave her this as a card to go with it. She loves it :-)

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