Our World

January 13, 2010
By Anonymous

Our World
The big green trees flowing in the wind.
The soft green grass between my toes.
The huge fluffy clouds floating in the sky.
The fresh cold air breathed through my nose.
The cold rushing water coming out of my faucet.
The brown nutrient filled soil that helps plants grow.
The hot beaming sun that warms the world.
The hot roaring fire that warms many cold bodies.
The fast electricity that runs throughout homes.
The grimy oil that runs machine and car engines.
The farm lands that grow the food in our grocery stores.
The healing medicine that cures many sick people.
The soft cotton plant grown for the clothes we wear.
The animals that is so helpful for doing daily work or putting food on our tables.
The hard and strong medal used to build or support a building.
The high tech plumbing systems that pump water and flush toilets.
The plants that grow to enrich the soil and give us food to eat.
The hard and soft plastic that is used every day to make something.
The beautiful flowers that always brighten up someone’s day.
The white paper we use every day to write on.

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