January 13, 2010
By daranotes BRONZE, Aventura, Florida
daranotes BRONZE, Aventura, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"So I wait for the day when I hear the key
as it turns in the lock and the guard will say to me,
'Oh my patient prisoner you waited for this day and finally
you are free, you are free'" - Bright Eyes, From a Balance Beam

Dark strings of lamb, deep soil mushrooms (and ginger bread!)
sweet golden corn my favorite: Eyes mirror the embers glow
tassels on my new red scarf, a present from Grandma
Dreaming about my sixth winter so far away.

Crackle-Crackle, the blue flame forms silent figure
molten daydreams just out of reach: I sample the steam
with my tongue, a fox's trembling snout nuzzles the earth
or maybe a glossy redbreast in flight?

I press my nose against the window
kissing the watery glass: Draw finger-pictures in the frost,
or maybe Lassie wearing her doggie booties,
(is that what you call them?) or perhaps a Snowman.

Was it hours or years, already my 5th winter?

Cheeks flushed ear flaps pulled Close
and tight by Dad's warm strong hands
Will it come today, will it come today?
Mom said it might, "Mom said so!"

Snow for you, too!
An old bear follows in my small-booted wake
holds my hand with a muddy paw: Then a sudden chill
or is it a Warmth?

The first snowflake cascades
onto my outstretched fingertips
Goose feather pulled from a heavenly pillow
I close my eyes tight so it will stay there Forever.

When I am old and the winter
is bitter and cruel,

I will remember to go back to page one
Like turning the crinkled pages
of a long forgotten fairy tale
and read until I feel that spine-tingling.....

I can almost feel the snow swirling
my fifth winter
the first ever Snowflake,

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