Little Brother

January 13, 2010
By Justi Everts BRONZE, Hartford, Wisconsin
Justi Everts BRONZE, Hartford, Wisconsin
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Mind of imagination

Beneath your fingertips
Dinosaurs, robots, spaceships
Thoughts of worlds beyond our own,
dance in your head.
Placing your show-and-tell
in your Jansport backpack
sliding your little feet
snuggly into your sketchers
tears of frustration, streaming down your flushed cheeks.
Tying shoes has never been an easy task,
But you insist on doing it yourself.
Snarled into knots of unimaginable fury
But you smile as you peer down to your toes
Because that is your own work of art.
Balancing on your tiptoes,
You rade the pantry.
Desperately searching for your fruit snacks,
Scooby-doo, your favorite kind.
Secretly taking another, when nobody is looking.
Or so you think.
I see you, but I say nothing.
Afterall, what are big sisters for?

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