January 12, 2010
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Sometimes I spend time doing what I do cause I think im finding some sort of greater truth,
Seems recently I been hit with it so hard I blew my mind right out the roof,
Wish it was just some sort of spoof,
Some sort of joke,
Some imagination of my mind instead of my car being broke,
But you see, when you’re trying to find that deeper meaning, what you think of comes in so many kinds,
You try to look so deep inside you, you forget to look what’s right in front of your eyes,
And that’s when you get hit with that reality and I just had that thrown at me,
Struck with a tree,
Sturck with the fact that I could end not just my life but the three I’d bring with me,
And the truth in that I can’t find a way,
In which I could ever repay what they’ve done for me(may),
Cause I’m powerless and as much as I wish I could just turn away,
Close my eyes and just pray,
Seems like nothing can fix what just happened today.

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