A Boy

January 12, 2010
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A boy who was always told he had potential,
And that it would lead to talent in the eventual,
But it wouldn’t come til that boy became a man,
And took his responsibilities and began to understand,
But you see,
Even though I have everything that it takes to be,
Im running away from these problems and trying to be me,
Cause I don’t want to be a man,
I ain’t ready to take the stand,
I can’t even wipe the dirt off my hand,
How can I take the responsibilities of the things at hand,
And I know I shouldn’t be making excuses,
I should be taking these problems head on,
And that you’d been tellin me these things all along,
But how can I take on my responsibilities,
And I still am afraid of my own insecurities,
How can I ready to be a man,
Im still a child in my eyes, to me, that’s where I land,
And I know im just making excuses,
Trying to avoid everything and in the end becoming useless,
But it’s the paranoia about that,
That im unable to evolve from just being a brat,
Cause a lot of the times you may say I hold the intellect,
But in my eyes there is still so much that I neglect,
Genius is a gift in which we receive,
But in my own experience its what most others deceive,
I don’t understand much of what I do, I just try to precieve,
it in a different way,
And simplify it so that when I say, what I gotta say,
It comes out as if I wrote up the whole play,
But I don’t really know whats going on,
And I can’t pretend for long,
But maybe I’ve become so good at pretending,
That I don’t know how to stop and its not ganna be ending,
Maybe this pretending has become who I am
And Im just living this lie, and that’s why I don’t understand.

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