January 12, 2010
By ChillinBM PLATINUM, Kimberly, Wisconsin
ChillinBM PLATINUM, Kimberly, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
Bad is Good compared to Worse.

As I look back now it’s not hard to see
That this what I’ve come to be,
But am I really just nobody,
Or did I deceive myself with this ail perception that I will fail,
Fearing that so much that I hide cowardly and don’t follow the trail,
Cause the stories of success aren’t about me and I ain’t in a fairy tale,
But how can I really say what my future will hold,
Nobody can say what you are til your story’s been told,
But does that cause you to excuse yourself from trying to succeed,
Fear your own failure so much that you wont believe,
That you will ever be that one in the story that others read,
I mean, these people who are a story of success go through things,
In which to most of us the world will never bring,
And somehow they’re able to survive and not just that but become a king,
Im just another person,
Another boy that’s been placed on this earth, How can I ever be worth,
The same as people who been overcoming problems bigger than mine since their birth,
At the same time, you can’t win a battle you’ve already given up on,
How do I know that I can’t be one of those who success has shined down upon,
It seems my thoughts just keep dwelling on and on,
Leading to nowhere and I’ll still remain a pawn.

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