January 12, 2010
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I don’t really wanna write at the moment,
Don’t really feel like writing a rhyme and ponder upon it,
I don’t know whether its cause im too lazy, tired or unmotivated,
Of course with whatever I’ve done I’ve always hesitated,
Push it away and blow it off til it cascaded,
Onto me, and then I can’t seem to break free,
From these problems which are, overwhelming me,
Sometimes I just feel so lost and blind,
Yet at the same time,
Once in a while I feel like I don’t have any problems at all and things are just fine,
Most of the time its just when I get lost in a rhyme,
Its almost as if time,
Just stops for me and for one moment of which I live,
And somehow I just happen to get rid,
Of all the problems I had before and somehow they were just hid,
Behind themselves, up on the shelves, and I would just be here by myself,
I just wish that it could be a permanent feeling,
In which I can spend more time seeing,
Instead of continuously fleeing,
Instead of constantly being,
In a situation in which I feel like things have lost their meaning,
But recently I feel like I’ve broken the seam,
Since I’ve come out and hit the scene,
Things have turned to a brighter side and I look on confidently,
Cause it seems through it all I’ve found what I’d like to call me.

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Proud dad said...
Feb. 24 at 5:20 pm
Wow you're blowing my mind
Checkers said...
Feb. 24 at 5:05 pm
You've got talent!!!
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