January 12, 2010
By ChillinBM PLATINUM, Kimberly, Wisconsin
ChillinBM PLATINUM, Kimberly, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
Bad is Good compared to Worse.

Looks like this debate isn’t going anywhere,
Cause from what you have said, you haven’t even taken a moment to see what it means to see life from here,
Yea right here, in my shoes, you ain’t understand what it means to be me, you don’t have a clue,
You have no idea what it feels like to be me but you think you do,
Our elders may have gotten us here, but things have changed, we our own problems to bear,
As much as we’d love to come and help, things here aren’t much better than they are over there,
Were supposed to come and help donate to those who need the ingredients to survive,
But the problem is most of us are living on food stamps and are already barely alive,
America’s a race, and even though you got me to where I stand,
I can’t come back and help you and hold your hand,
I gotta keep running and do what I can,
I can’t go back and try to save those who didn’t know where it began when I can’t even keep up with those who are ahead of where I stand,

And its not as simple as you think,
Our lives are difficult also, the only time it seems simple is when we drink,
And we got so many issues already, dishes still in the kitchen sink,
Only got four hours of sleep last night after work and my eyes are turning pink,
And most of us are already nearly on the brink,
Of breaking or shattering in the blink,
Of an eye, and whether you want to agree or deny,
But I wont know what its like to be in your life and you wont know mine,
So please, don’t cross that line,
Just cause you’re still in the past doesn’t mean we all are,
America is the symbol of hope,
But that doesn’t mean that our lives will just cope,
Change and we become successful and somehow we’ll no longer be broke.

I kinda got a question for you though,
Do you know what it feels when you got no dough,
When your trying to buy your kids lunch, even though,
You cant even afford to pay the rent but you can’t let that show,
And as your child comes to ask you, how to add two plus two,
You can’t really help cause you got other things to do,
And learning english was something you never could do,
And this whole time, what it was again that we came to find,
With all the problems in my life, it’s kinda hard to keep hold of your mind,
I know you got your problems but I got mine,
We got bills to pay,
Emotions at bay,
As good as life seems here its not as good as they say,
If you don’t believe me why don’t you try writing my essay,
Prepare for my college and tell’em what you got to say,
About how you can bring something to help out UW Green Bay,
Your kinda screwed over there though, I mean just look at your GPA,
And as soon as you finish school you got work today,
And when you get finished with work and get back to your bed,
You gotta remember all that your trig teacher said,
Page 103,
Numbers 3 through 96, multiples of 3,
Yea, what he wrote on the board, Uh…what’s it called…a trig identity,
And I don’t remember doing that much, hows it already 2:30?
And s---, my clothes are still dirty,
Guess I’ll just scribble some things down in a hurry,
Throw myself into the sheets and hopefully get enough sleep so that when I wake up things aren’t blurry.

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