January 12, 2010
By ChillinBM PLATINUM, Kimberly, Wisconsin
ChillinBM PLATINUM, Kimberly, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
Bad is Good compared to Worse.

Im sorry we got into this situation that were at,
I shoulda cut this off when we still knew where we both sat,
You make me feel like if I take this chance on my face I’ll fall flat,
and regret that I ever took a chance on that,
At the same time I got an issue with someone else that makes me feel like im in a trap,
No matter what happens in some way or another im ganna end up getting a slap,
Man its funny how I navigate myself right into the nearest pile of crap,
But I’ll come out and speak about this cause this ain’t something I can just hide under the mat,

When I first met you I didn’t tell you about her cause I thought what you had was just a crush,
And I couldn’t help but smile when I pictured what it would be like to see you blush,
And as time went by we didn’t just keep in touch,
Never woulda guessed that you and I woulda been talking so much,
Even with the wild and crazy of the things you’ve done,
I couldn’t help but notice the side of you that seemed so beautiful and fun,
And I can’t help but remember all of the things you said to me,
How no matter what happened or will happen that you knew you found that somebody,
Who you wouldn’t let go of cause you knew that if it was me and you it would always be,
And that you gave up on all your bad habits just for me,
All the while on my conscious was marked the words guilty,
Couldn’t help but feel filthy as I broke a virtue that built me,

But what is wrong with the situations is that there is no right,
Even if I left the other girl tonight,
It wouldn’t bring what I’ve done to either of you to light,
Keep on getting stuck saying I will do it now, or that I might,
So I keep trying to hide it til maybe it’ll just go away and I can stop denying,
And I can find some other outlet to my problems besides sighing,
And as much as I’d love to say I’m trying,
I ain’t doing anything besides lying,
Cause there needs to be more time that a buying
Cause I feel there ain’t anything I can do that’s the right thing.

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