January 12, 2010
By ChillinBM PLATINUM, Kimberly, Wisconsin
ChillinBM PLATINUM, Kimberly, Wisconsin
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Bad is Good compared to Worse.

I don’t know why,
But when im sad for some reason you seem to come in mind,
In a way I thought I left you behind,
But it seems it was only a matter of time,
Before in some way we were back in line,
Though we changed in different ways,
We still ended up at the same place in a way,
I destroyed my own future while you smoked yours away,
It’s strange how both of us ended up throwing our dreams astray,
Cause of our own pathetic actions that we still can’t control today,
In a way I wonder if you still play,
Maybe when I turn the comp on I’ll see you there,
We can smile and laugh, I’ll be your second husband again and we’ll be a pair,
But it’s been a while since I’ve been Fourteen,
and it’s probably been a while since you’ve been clean,
I guess the only thing we can do is dream on,
The only things in which I feel I still have to lean on.

I still remember how you were supposed to start that Spa and Pedicure business,
All seemed well til you found out your man couldn’t pay the rent,
Dropped outa College and your life began getting destroyed and bent,
You promised to me that night that you wouldn’t be smoking anymore hemp,
Guess I shoulda known what I said never woulda made a dent,
Last time we talked you didn’t even realize what half of my words ment,
I don’t know whether to say if I never knew you or if I don’t know where you went,
But now your destination of weed seems to be hellbent,

I can’t say much either though, I been caught up myself,
But it seems I can’t just leave these memories on my shelf,
Every time I try to see something that brings me back,
Back into those times, before we broke apart and cracked,
Kinda makes me wish I could go back, put us both on the right track,
But it seems too late for that and anything as a matter of fact,
Can’t put in those things needed for success that we lacked,
So im about ready, and im just about all set and packed,
Ganna make my leave, and I don’t plan on turning back.

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