Broken Doll

January 12, 2010
I'm just another doll to add to your collection
Pretty, blonde, and sweet
I'm the same as all the others
You stick me with all this
pain, heartbreaks, and tears.
You pick me up and throw me against the wall
then you gently place me back on the shelf
whispering "I love you,i'm sorry"
I would yell back "No you don't!"
But upon these porcelain lips
a permanent smile is painted ruby red
It doesnt take you long to put me aside
you found another,new, doll to play with
So here i lay broken, and scarred
just waiting for you to pick me up again
and you do. But the same thing happens
you play with me, stick me with all your problems
and then you put me back down
So I sit here and smile
pretending that i'm ok
when the truth is,
I'm just another broken toy you forgot.

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