January 12, 2010
Why did this happen to me why did this have to be, was it always me,
what did I do to you, how could you, why would you, really should you, I never did anything to you, was this always the truth, do you want me to burse, I am I for you to use, did you need a new tool, I feel like a fool, what about you, you don’t even know I feel so alone, no ones around me, an no ones home, I take a deep breath an then I start to zone all on my own, I walk down the road, its raining now your mascara flows, your getting close, you thought he loved you but it was all a joke an now choke your face is blue, you wonder who will even miss you, tears come down, like the rain they hit the ground, you wish that you could turn around, sitting down on the ground with a frown you have no crown, put in the middle of the crowd, being pushed all around, finally you hit the ground, an start to drown, you don’t get up cuz you’ll just be knocked back down, so you lay there dying an no ones helping, your going under no more yelping, times ticking finally your smiling, its done now no more crying, your hearts sill beating but your soul is now leaving.

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