A flower frozen in fear

January 12, 2010
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the pain,
the bitter cold,
Frozen and stiff.
Harsh winds bring
thick ice,
covering each leaf of your own.
Still, you keep your stance,
Hold still, and stay strong.
Waiting patiently,
turning white,
your stem has frostbite.
The winter has taken over,
You’re a flower no less.
You stand through the day,
you stand through the night.
Waiting, and waiting,
you can't put up fight.
Waiting and waiting, for this misery to end,
'till you can twist, grow and bend,
come summer, alas.
I am a flower, no less.
Winter has devoured my beauty and smell.
I do not feel well.
Looking towards the skies,
counting snowflakes falling down.
I wait and I wait,
oh summer, please come...

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