January 12, 2010
eyes full of comfusion
what am I to do?
you filled me with thoughts of love and happyness
but when u left you took them from me
now all I have left
is saddnes and regret
how could this happen to me?
I've given you all I have left
barley hanging by a thread
I start to fade away
I'd give anything to have you again
just to feel your touch
to feel your love
and arms around me
you just stand there
with that smirk I love so much
and watch as a wither a way to nothing
With every I love you
and i care about you
that leave your lips
is a new wound ripped open
blood shot eyes
flood with tears
my face stinging with every new drop
I trusted you
and you took advantage of me
no ware to run I'm stuck on this legde
every time my heart starts to scab
you show up and rip it off
I can't say good bye
I love you to much
the pain I feel now is better
than it would be to lose you completly
our love is like a game of chest
you control the pieces to my heart
you know how to beat me
but I know how to stall you
Your king towers over my pawn
I turn and run its all I know how to do
danceing accross the chess board
you knock pieces of me down
who will win
this game of

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