January 22, 2010
By Anonymous

Who am I anymore?
I feel lost,
my soul away from where my body lies here,
on the bed.


Tears discolor my face,
my cheeks burning brighter than watermelons.
My heart longs for something,
that I know,
isn’t there.

I lay motionless,
my feet tingle,
and my mind burns.
Burns of what?
Not fire.

It burns of emotions,
tangling themselves amongst my brain.

Which road do I take?
Do I run to the left,
or swiftly walk to the right.
Do I just stop?
Should I just end here?

My body screams for help.
Though I don’t move.
Nothing moves, except for my mind.

I slowly sit,
bringing my body up.
The darkness surrounds me,
and I feel as if the devil is pulling me down
with his arms.

Pulling me, harder.
I fight,
and then I stop.

I slam myself back down against the bed,
and shut my eyes closed.

There is nothing to live for anymore,
nothing to dream for.
Nothing to hope for.

I shiver, chills running down my spine.
And slowly, I inhale.
I exhale.
My pulse becomes slower,
and I feel myself weakening.

The drug was getting to me,
for the medicine wasn’t helping this disease.
I shake, cold.

My movement...
My pulse...

Then it was all gone,
there was nothing left inside of me.
Except for my slowly ending life.


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