Bad Day

January 22, 2010
By Roarsach BRONZE, Fairfeild, Connecticut
Roarsach BRONZE, Fairfeild, Connecticut
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It’s a bad day
The sun hides its light from the world
Things seem to move in slow-motion
Dragging on endlessly

It’s a bad day
It feels like a 2-ton rock is weighing you down
Everything is overwhelming
Pencils break
Bad traffic
It’s like fighting the Stay Puff marshmallow man
Impossible to stop
But you try anyway

It’s a bad day
You can feel someone sharing your misfortune
Bad days are unavoidable
And everyone has them
But bad days can make us stronger
Improve us all in different ways
And we will be better for it

It’s a bad day
Will tomorrow be different?
That is beyond our understanding
So we can only watch
And hope

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