Stages of Life

January 22, 2010
By alexlynn23 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
alexlynn23 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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This is when your life begins
and no one knows when it will end
No matter how hard we try
you will always cry
all you can do is sleep and eat
while you get showered with treats
you don't even know how to think
all you do is blink
you cannot do much
while you lay and be touched.

The age to walk, talk, learn
and know when it’s your turn
you find things you have never seen before
and are always wanting more
your playful and fun
and always looking for somewhere to run
your starting school soon
and won’t be able to take a nap in the afternoon
your always being loud
but are always making your parents proud.

You can make your own choices
usually while listening to others voices
your confused and don't know what is right and wrong
and talk on the phone with your friends all day long
you sit in school and learn
staring at the clock, waiting for it to turn
you go to parties and have fun
and spend your summer under the sun
your almost an adult
and nothing is ever your fault.

Your life is half way done
but yet it has just begun
you start a life on your own
with a new place to call home
you have a family to live for
and a welcome mat at your front door
you have to provide for others
while learning from the other mothers
you look back at your past
and want it all to last.

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