2012 or Never

January 22, 2010
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The clock is humming.
Time is running
Out for this race.
So we’d better get going,
Get ideas flowing
Before we’re gone from the face
Of this Earth, with its creatures
And desirable features
Like its quiet forest ponds
So I’ll ask you this:
The real question is:
Who will watch it when we’re gone?
‘Cause the end is coming.
Is there any use running
When we’ve seen extinction’s trend?
Is there any use trying?
Will we all end up dying?
Is two-oh-one-two when we end?


Is it all just a warning
To fight global warming
And resist vile tyranny?
We have to take action
Before things start a-crashin’.
Who’s gonna speak up with me?
I’ll admit, it is quite scary,
But this, my friend, is really very-
Important. The end could be near.
But what if it’s not?
What if catastrophe’s caught?
Compatriots, give me your ears!
We cannot give up,
We’ve still got some luck.
There’s great power on our side.
So, dear, tell me this:
Will you find what you’ll miss-
Or will you just sit there and hide?
The future is coming.
There is no use running.
So will we just pray to God?
Or will we do what’s right?
And stand up and fight!
FIGHT! To change the odds!

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