love hurts

January 21, 2010
By lalalamartha123 BRONZE, Plant City, Florida
lalalamartha123 BRONZE, Plant City, Florida
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love the word i cant prnounce
love the word im afraid to anounce.
hits you like 1000 volts
you fear, scared the word might be near.

incomplete you feel your heart beat
cant breathe you skip a beat
he walks by you just want to say hi

get caught in between all the lies.
wishing you could explain better than just leaving it plain.

hoping it could ever be
you wake up and realize ts just a dream.
so now your back in reality

the world on your shoulders
wishing he could hold you
it never ends so instead you just pretend.

is it crazy? NO.
its love the word everyone is scared of.
the clouds and skies are gray but i promise ill make it a better day.

love the L-O-V-E
it will make life harder.
in the end it will always make you stronger.

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