Silver Sphere

January 21, 2010
By BeatBoredom BRONZE, Sugarland, Texas
BeatBoredom BRONZE, Sugarland, Texas
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My silver sphere was grand and happy
Waves lapped gently, complacently
All I knew was tranquility

From sunset to sunrise,
The moon holds my heart
When fire blocks my view, I wait for quiet warmth to start
But not tonight, oh no, there will be no light
You hide yourself behind the clouds blocking me from sight

This body of water, fraught with fear, wonders at your mood
The push and pull is gone
Guess I’ll just have to be strong…
So I'll show you my strength!

Rearing up, I howl and cry out
Power strikes, earth is shaken by my shout
Dark billows loom, your curtains hide you yet
But I will not be forgotten- you deserve what you get!

Sand shifts, pulled in by my might
I 'll chew it up and spit on the shore you adore from a height
The land you watch so intently- this beauty I will crush
Caves are hollowed and cliff faces turned to mush
Still you refuse to turn around
Still you refuse to see
After all the pain you put me through,
I refuse to let you ignore me

The darkness holds for ages more
Lightning flash from within your home to strike me at my core
Still I pound and shriek
With the fury of a victim too long meek
Purple clouds give way to dawn
All I see are those blasted colorful streaks of sky spawn

My energy is gone,
With a last shove, I give a yawn
Beneath the heat of the sun
My body is numb

Waves lap tiredly
I lay, wearily
Awaiting your return
The raw earth is left to burn
Along with my being-
This empty shell that stares unseeing

Dusk has come and passed
Belatedly I realize a light is cast
Upon my face there are light beams
Turning, I see you bursting at the seams
Radiating pity and something undetected
But my silver sphere is back and I am mended

My silver sphere is grand and cheeky
Waves lap gently, contentedly

The author's comments:
I find that loving relationships can get a little sketchy sometimes. There are different definitions and interpretations of "love" and this poem is a personification of relationship issues. Is this a 'bad' relationship? That is up to the reader's interpretation. This relationship isn't even necessarily between lovers. It could be friends, family, or a couple of coworkers who have gone postal. I tried to make it vague enough that anyone can make a connection between this story and their own experiences.

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