You Don't Know

January 21, 2010
Just spill your heart out to me
I'll still be here in the end
Nothing you say or do
Could ever make me leave you
You don't know;
Oh no, you don't know,
What you do to me.
This heart only beats for you,
No one, but you.

I will be here by your side
Even when you've hit rock bottom
Nothing can change how I feel inside.
This love is real. Can't you see?
You don't know;
Oh no, you don't know,
what you do to me.
These lips long for yours
No ones, but yours.

It's funny how,
A silly spark started this.
Now what we have is a raging fire;
Like the roar of my passion for you.
It's your soul that's captured me.
You hold me so tightly in your grasp;
If only you could see,
Just how much you mean to me.
Wake up; open your eyes.
And join me on this journey,
Called love..

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