What Happens?

January 21, 2010
By Anonymous

On January 1, 2010, four year old Marquel Peters was hit by a stray bullet and died moments later. He was celebrating the new year with his mother at their church when they heard gun shots. A bullet fell through the roof of the church and hit Peters in the head.

What happens
When a bullet leaves a gun?
Does it plunge onto the earth?
Does it scramble into cracks in walls?

Or does it drift into the flesh of human beings?

Does it sail past a worried mother’s look,
On new years day,
And dive into the head of a 4 year old boy?
Does it sit and watch as a confused mother
Screams and shouts because blood is
Oozing from her young boy’s head?

Does it feel sorry after looking into the mother’s eyes,
And notice that life no longer exists there?
What happens
When a bullet leaves a gun?

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