True Beauty

January 21, 2010
By Virgnia Murrah BRONZE, Dekalb, Georgia
Virgnia Murrah BRONZE, Dekalb, Georgia
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Standing there head down at ease
Frozen like statues
You can hardly tell they are real until, a flick of their tail makes your eyes widen with curiosity.
My body freezes like ice, my pulse races
I walk to the fence holding these magnificent creatures in
I can see them clearly through the light snow falling
I smile watching them
They begin to notice me one by one
All of a sudden one approaches me slowly
This creature approaches me with caution: it walks with grace and elegance in each step
I reach out my hand shaking with excitement and anxiousness
This creature pokes his head out to sniff me
It snorts with curiosity
The hot air from its nostrils felt like fire against my hands, it warmed them from the numbness that had taken over form the cold
I look up to see this creature examining me
I look down to find my hand inches from its nose
All of a sudden I feel a silky fur lathering the palm of my hand
I feel a shiver of excitement race up and fill my body
My hands inch up its face
Its coat is thick to protect it from harsh December winds
My hands become entangled in its soft fur
I can feel my body calming—my shoulders drop, my arms relax—I breath in this moment slowly
It feels as though time begins to stand still
Its like my life is on slow mode
My eyes close
A smile takes over my lips
I embrace this moment content as ever
The wind is howling, I can feel it against my skin, but yet my body is warm
I open my eyes
I truly realize at this moment, that beauty is found in a horse

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