Puzzle piece

January 21, 2010
By , allen, TX
I have looked all my life for this piece
Searched high and low, above and beneath
Faced my monsters, reached my dreams
Sat in the throne of powering kings,
Walked the path to infinity
Still no sign of my puzzle piece

I have wasted time staring into endless nights
Watching darkness fade to light,
Wishing on stars this will end tonight
Still my puzzle piece is out of sight

This me that’s me is not really me
All I want is to be complete
Look through the mirror and see a being
Know deep down this is truly me
Finally find this puzzle piece

I have paid the price of undefined
Looked to long when there’s nothing to find
Now I sit in this chair, kissing my life goodbye
Waist my last breath on a relieving sigh

Blood smeared hands holding the gun upright
Skinless fingers grip the trigger tight
Shaking gun barrel pointing a pity cry
Sound of a thunder crack rings through the night

Stumble about; not quite dead
Racing heart slowing to an end
Blurred vision goes black and then
Drop to the floor the puzzle piece in hand

White dirty walls now painted red
Two holes in this room, the wall and my head
Crimson rivers flow without an end
This puzzle piece has left me dead

If only I knew it’s never too late too find peace
The piece that solves my puzzle of peace

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