Enjoy the show

January 21, 2010
Sit up straight, trembling hands at your side
Think we can’t see the fear in your eyes
Take deep breaths, hold them in.
Slowly start a count to ten
Behind closed curtains truth is hidden

Flashing cameras, the lighting’s dimmed
red Curtains Open this act begins
Put on a good mask, we may be fooled by the end
Hope you are good at playing pretend

As all plays go, the conflict begins
A sign of trouble, take control of the situation
place your hand over our eyes
Telling us a few white lies
So only you see the reality

Stick to the script, hope you don’t slip
Where you move our attention is led
Keep your focus ahead, don’t give away the end

here it is, the final conclusion
Releasing sighs as you take the win
we decide to stand with clapping hands
But this play is yet to end
This audience is fooled once again

Throwing flowers with generosity
Take a bow puppet master
We are controlled by your strings

Can’t you see this play we play?
In these scenes are the things unseen
Script written lies that we believe

act continued, not long for you
fool that fools by falsity truth
your game of pretend has reached its end
in your eyes puppet master, is fear.

red burning curtains, conflict again
this time we rise beyond your lies
pull down your hand, see and believe
cut off are strings setting us free

free to see we now believe
free to believe we now can see
in this scene is the things we now see

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