Venomous Lies

January 21, 2010
By BelleAqua BRONZE, Lake Cowichan, District Of Columbia
BelleAqua BRONZE, Lake Cowichan, District Of Columbia
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I hate it when people have the audacity to lie to your face.
When people gather together snickering and snarling like a pack of hyenas, spreading gossip and rumours like rabies.
I hate it how lies crawl under your skin, itchy and disorienting, smothering your better judgment.
They cause nothing but trouble, because even the tiniest lie always has a way of coming back with a bite.
Lies slither and coil in your gut, venomous and vile,
spreading poisonous words throughout your veins.
I hate it when a barrier the size of The Great Wall of China must be placed between you and someone
else in order to protect your heart.
Pretty soon you will feel that you can’t trust anyone,
not even yourself, because that is who you
will be lying to in the end.
Telling yourself everything is alright when you know
it’s not is self-delusion.
I hate it when placing your trust in someone becomes a double edged sword.

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