For In Dreams, We Enter a World Entirely Our Own

January 21, 2010
By EricaLynn BRONZE, Port Perry, Other
EricaLynn BRONZE, Port Perry, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"ps.. life is too short for apathy."
~ Christopher Drew ♥ ♥

Sometimes, life can wear you out.
You think that you just want to quit.
It can seem like the whole world is against you,
laughing at your insecurity.

But there’s one thing
that always seems to make
everything that happened
that day just evaporate.

There’s a moment.
Time seems to stop.
A moment where anything becomes possible
and you are invincible.

It’s a moment where you feel
like you could just spread wings
and fly to a better place.

From that moment
when you lay your head onto your pillow
to the moment you allow your brain
to flow into unconsciousness,

you are free.
You’re in your own little world.
A world where everything works
the way it should in your eyes.

A world where you are happy
to just exist in such a perfect place
A world where anything you could ever want
seems within your reach.

You are happy.
And then you fall asleep.
And when you wake up
you are no longer in your world,

you are in the real world.
And reality, well, it sucks.
Reality is but a shadow
of what could have been.

And that when you realize the limitations
that are put on you.
You are not invincible,
you are fragile.

So when you lay there
thinking about what could have been,
you just want to scream
into the darkness..

And then you fall asleep.
But when you wake
nothing has changed,

the moment finally passes,
and time goes on
like nothing has changed.

but that moment of hopefulness,
that brief glimpse of perfection,
its worth all the disappointment
you will face when you are awake.

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