The Validity of Virtue

January 21, 2010
Allow no shard,
allow not but enough hope,
to consume an everworn heart,
as we may keep straight,
and true to what we may,
desire uncontrollably,
and allow no contradiction,
allow no quarrel,
allow no destruction,
of the tissue of what may be,
the very fabrics of dream,
which we fold and meld,
to create such a folly,
as love,
so be strong, friend,
be strong to withstand the forthcoming of callous hands,
wanting not more than their own desire,
as they are incapable,
such is the way of ours,
of our extinction,
so hold tight to your bosom,
your dreams,
your hopes,
your heart,
and the lust,
for the sake of our kind,
'fore we forget,
and perish,
amongst tarnished graves.

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