stuck inside me

January 21, 2010
By sportychick48 SILVER, Centreville, Virginia
sportychick48 SILVER, Centreville, Virginia
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even in the silence of the tomb

music blasts inside my head

even in the confinments of my room

music is there inside me

i try to get it out

but the more i think

the more it pouts

it smiles and slipps away

out of my grasp

rotating and floating

in and out of my brain

but the musics never the same

sometimes it could be pop

or maybe even indie

sometimes its jazz or rock

sometimes i think its a game

like who can make me mad first

but no its never the same

i mix and change the lyrics

i morph them to fit my mood

but in the end

i can't pretend

that the musics not stuck inside

The author's comments:
i'm always getting songs and sounds stuck in my head! which is what inspired this when in math songs started blaring in my head

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