Let me be 13

January 21, 2010

Dear mom and dad,

I just want to be treated like you,
Saying its hormones is only sometimes true.
But why I really shout and scream,
Is because you don’t want me to achieve.
To achieve in growing up so fast,
And forget some childhood memories in the past.
But really what I want to do,
Is earn the respect other adults get from me and you.
I want to stay up late,
Talking to friends, it could be great.
But all you do it yell at me,
And tell me that I’m not sixteen.
You tell me to act my age,
Be a kid, its fun! It’s great!
But I’m a teenager.
This is what we do.
We scream,
And accept. Could you to?
We love you guys, I swear we do.
But obviously my baby promises mean nothing to you.
I’m thirteen.
You act as if I’ve done terrible things,
Things that if I said out loud you would yell at me.
But mom and dad I love you so,
Let me be thirteen,
A teenager, you know?

Lots of love,
Your daughter

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