I Know You

January 21, 2010
By jerseygirl BRONZE, Long Valley, New Jersey
jerseygirl BRONZE, Long Valley, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
DANCE like Elvis invaded your soul. LOVE like the summer of 69'. MOVE like you're dying.

With a look like that--
I know your whole past…
I know the father, who didn’t love, enough.
He may have, at one point
When you were small, and listened
When you didn’t have your own thoughts and ideas

The mother who was never there,
Only physically, sitting at the table
Eyes fixed at the bottom of her empty glass
Only before she looks up, grabs the bottle
Knuckles white, and pours another

The best friends you thought you had
Who turned into
Liars, pretty little, liars
Selfish, vein, children,
They would never apologize
And even if they did,

The boys who broke your heart in two
And the one boy that kept a shattered a piece
A piece you’ll never get back,
One you wouldn’t take back if you could
A boy who will never deserve you
And will never even try too.

Staring into pools of turquoise seas,
Staring right back at me,
Through me,
Feeling me, trying to understand
Ready to care, willing to be that person.

The one that never breaks your heart
Drowns sorrows in a bottle
Makes promises I can’t keep
Looks out for opportunity, even at your expense
The one that won’t run when things get bad
Call it what you need to,
To any other person.

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