One and Apart

January 21, 2010
As my heart beats,
As the wind blows,
As I race through vast fields of lush green grass,
I feel my heart thumping,
My blood flowing,
My head spinning.

As I lay among the soil and seeds,
Blades of grass whispering in my ear,
I feel the steady beat
Of the Earth’s lifeline,
Pounding in unison with mine.

As we connect,
As my heart beats
And the wind blows,
As I race through fields of lush, green grass,
I feel the land around me,
The hills and the ocean,
I feel the rush of the animals, and the clouds,
The life,
Flowing through me.

Through my veins,
And through my mind it courses.
Until our hearts share the same beat,
Until our souls blend,
We are one.

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