What If

January 21, 2010
By AnnihilAda BRONZE, Doavillle, Georgia
AnnihilAda BRONZE, Doavillle, Georgia
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What if your arm could stretch all the way to the moon?
What if you could grow to be as tall as a skyscraper, and scrape the sky with your nails?
When you’re flying in an airplane, what if you could open the window, stick your head out, and scream out HELLO to whosoever might be on the ground below?
What if you could run as fast as you wanted, leaving the physical world and all its godforsaken limitations and frivolities rushing past in a dour blur of colors?
I know you’ve always wanted to dive down, to explore the very bottom of the deepest ocean.
To bend over backwards and look up at the sky, then the horizon, then the ground, then at your own feet.
To lick your own elbow.
To become invisible.
To fly.
To free-fall to the center of the earth, and then, as if it were a BIG trampoline, bounce right back up to the surface.
Yes, that’d be fun.
The world as we know it, no matter what we become or make of ourselves, remains just a medium for existence, tempered with the desires and paranoia of a species all too immersed in it.
So just imagine. Conceive, don’t think.
Thinking leads to logic.
Logic leads to boundaries.
And where do boundaries lead?
Because they stop.

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