A Song is Only a Song

January 21, 2010
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A still night, the bending sky deep purple and blue
A small, sweet, tinkering music
Moves the branches of trees like a breeze
A beautiful song
But a song is just a song
Telling a story
Through the dramatic chords and soft singing
The whirling music like falling leaves
Just a pretty song
A thought, pleading, begging
To be spilled out into the air
Through the voice of a piano
The melody beginning a song
The notes go higher
And then lower
A cyclic pattern
Dizzying the listeners
It’s only a song
Evening lights
A loud beat
Ready for anything
Why do we have song?
It’s only music, I’m sure
Is there a practical use?
Do the chords go beyond
A string of different tones?
Its only a song
Speaking to us
No words needed
We feel what it says
and inspire
The first sound of music
Strengthens the sun
Details the world
And the adventure is more perilous
But it’s only a song
The dancers are told to feel the music
Vibrating their bones
Move them across the stage
It makes them fly
The earth is spinning
The sun rising
Somebody is singing a song
The day took us all by surprise
The song that turned our heads
Made us laugh, made us cry
Made us hate, made us forgive
Made us become…
But a song is just a song

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