The Star

January 21, 2010
By AnnihilAda BRONZE, Doavillle, Georgia
AnnihilAda BRONZE, Doavillle, Georgia
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Searing plasma and vaporizing temperatures
Envelope the sphere that is the star.
Hydrogen and helium,
fusing together,
atom by atom
Compose the body that is the star.
Massive quantities of thermonuclear energy
That release a plethora of photons
Every second
Radiate from the centre that is the star
Pulled softly by the invisible strings of gravity
In circumnavigation
About the galactic core
So drifts the entity that is the star.
Until the last hydrogen atom is used.
Then the star inflates like a balloon,
Reddening with suffocation,
For star needs his hydrogen.
And in an almighty, soundless blast of light and heat
Star’s mass is expelled,
Into the universe
Leaving a ravenous aperture
In space and time.
It is an insatiable mouth,
That no amount of matter can appease.
It shifts, laterally
For another of its kind is nearby
They attract each other
And merge.
Impalpable, unseen concentric waves emanate
That seem to endlessly distort the fabric of space-time
From the fatality that is the star.

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