For those who can leap into love, fear first

January 21, 2010
I use to see her feet make paths on hallway tile-tops.
Her heels so gently leave the floor
Gliding like an angel who made a wrong turn to heaven’s doorstep.
Her manicured wings transformed into a backpack
To cover up the fact that she’s nothing less then one of god’s chosen few.
Brown eyed temptation seeps from her face
And covers my insides with Goosebumps and butterflies.
The thread of her jeans seem to shine in the sunlight,
Her smile resembles the cloud that she fell from last night.
Heart beats seem to come from her headphones,
Bass of a pick up line and the snares of a stare.
My conscience tells me to walk up to her,

“Get out your good words,
Bring a match from your mouth, you have to spark her attraction.
Loosen your lips and make sure you speak lightly,
I hear the wings of an angel are as soft a Friday night phone conversations
That ends when the sun comes up.
Her pillow case cheeks, as white as a fresh sheet of snow,
Pure innocence beaming from her jaw line,
A kiss from her and your whole life could change.
Don’t mess this up,
You don’t get many chances to court a seraph.
Teeth so perfect,
Smile so beautiful,
Eyes like a lighthouse,
body of siren,
make sure that your face s ready,
let your smile sing hers a song.”

So I go up and talk to her.
Tell her what she wants to know,
Take a smile,
Get a number,
Plan a date,
Then make a call.
She answers so gracefully,
Her words quiet my nervousness, racing like a runaway
With a whip and a beating on the line.
She talks slow but her words move fast.
Running from eardrums, right past my stomach,
And back up to the pit of my attraction.
She’s nothing like I imagined,
Walking for perfection, wrapped up in the beauty of a romantic teen.
My heart says fall in love with me,
My brain says fall in love with me,
My lips say fall in love with me,
She says she doesn’t believe in it,
My heart says its time to skip a beat.

She believes in love like I believe in honest politicians.
Like I believe in world peace,
Like I believe in total happiness, pure bliss,
The tooth fairy,
Single mothers without a missing piece of their heart,
Absent fathers with a good reason,
A world without racism,
An actress with a natural body,
A single with a good voice…
She believes in high school love like I believe in happy endings,
But it’s not impossible to change an angel’s mind

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