My Musical Moments

January 21, 2010
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The melodies engulf me, racing, jumping, engulfing;

It frees me.
Nature blasts her tunes, her feelings, her words.
Children’s laughter picks up the deep settled, damped joy from my heart;

The joy swirls around me again.
My breath rushes: a song in every thought, a poem in every memory.

My natural drum keeps the methodic time.
A call from a bird sparks the colors in my mind.
That one last hoot and toot from that owl closes my eyes.

And when I go to my desk,

My tick-tick-tick on the typewriter is a smooth lullaby.
The soft grains of my pencil smudge on my paper and create music notes across the page.
My writing is my music, a melodious, magical, music that creates my planet.

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