January 21, 2010
By 1993zfinest BRONZE, Lithoina, Georgia
1993zfinest BRONZE, Lithoina, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
life goes on

Happiness does not live here
Any more
My life is a closed door
Bolted shut and I am
The one with the master key
Within these four walls
Lives the thoughts of my mind,
It’s already written on the wall

If these walls could talk
I’m sure they would tell you
To listen to my heart ace
The constant sounds of my
Dripping bleeding heart

The pain that I suffer is a
Cancer that has yet
To spread to my mind
These words bleed deeper than
The nightmares themselves

And to think I’m the product of you,
It’s hard to understand
Chris said his heart is “hollow”, well so
Is mine, except I knew
I would end up like this
Nobody feels my pain and
It’s a shame because, everyone
Plays that same “game”, as if they’ve
Been in my exact situation

Once upon a time I had hopes and
Dreams for myself
But the stars seem to get further
And further away every night

It’s different when your father
Says he’ll give you the world,
When really he can only offer you
A piece of it

When I cry it’s not because I’m a baby
I cry because my heart weeps, from
The words it cannot speak

The sad part about this story
Is you can not fix a broken
Heart that doesn’t want to heal

I’m so damaged and this
Relationship is far from being
Fixable, we need a major repair

Our hearts are stone cold
Love no longer lives here
And it’s a shame because,
We share the same blood, in
Essence I am half of you,
A piece of your incomplete

My daily question is where
Do we go from here?
Nothing seems to change
Between me and you
Achieving a place of love
And happiness is a
Constant and uphill battle for us

I don’t know how else to
Please you
Nothing I do is ever good

I stay in caged in the dungeon
Also know as my mind
I tend to go there to seek refuge in
Something that seems like peace

Although this place is a escape,
A Imagination of the mind
It s the only thing that keeps
Me safe in a crazy world

If only you knew what I was
Going through, you don’t even have
The slightest clue or idea

I pray that come judgment day
All my questions shall be
Answered, that there wouldn’t be
The slightest doubt in my mind
That what were going through now
Will pay off in the end

The fear of failure is no longer
A doubt in my mind
, for I have given up
On my plans for the future

My life is an utter mess
A never ending maze of confusion
And I’m just another lost soul in a crowd
Full of people that to have lost their way

I’m not sure that I want
To find my way back home
Because home isn’t where
My heart is

I find comfort in everybody but
I don’t understand why we
Hate each other like we do
An argument can result to us not
Speaking one day

Is it because I’m a head strong person?
And I don’t allow anyone
To talk down to me.

Respect might be my biggest sin
That I have yet to cleanse myself from,
But I have yet to forgive myself for it

I guess that’s what I get
When I’m left heartless
Living with you

The author's comments:
me and my mothers constant arguing, and me trying to find myself mean while

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