The Innocence I Left Behind

January 21, 2010
By Claire Factor BRONZE, New Paltz, New York
Claire Factor BRONZE, New Paltz, New York
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Do you remember me?

Do you remember me now?

I have all the time in the world to wait

The time that you gave to me

Because I am your innocence

The thing that you so dared to lose by growing up

And how's that going for you?

Are you scared?

Are you lost?

Are you completely in the dark?

Welcome to the world

In the real world

There are no fluffy clouds to cushion your landing

No second chances on your mistakes

You think this is gonna be fun?

Hell no!

You don't have your innocence anymore

The truth is out there

Nobody can take it back

Because in this world

Nobody gives a damn

Not about you, or anyone else but themselves

This isn't a fairy tale

And you're not gonna live happily-ever-after

I guaranty that

Because you're not a kid anymore

Time to get real

And face the facts

There's no turning back

Your innocence is gone for good

Your childhood passed you by

Before it even started

And now you've got two choices

Grow up

Or give up

Are you ready to make your choice?

No? Well too bad

Thats the way life is

When you're not strong

Still a girl

Trapped inside

A new woman

And you don't have your innocence to bail you out.

The author's comments:
I got the inspiration for this piece from alot of different events, as well as emotions. It's about growing up, but not being ready. When you finally see the world for what it is.

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