Seconds Away

January 20, 2010
I should have seen it.

I could have seen it.
If I had looked.

But I didn’t.
I refused.

I didn’t want to see it.
Didn’t want to see the possibilities.
Didn’t want to lose myself in him.

So I looked away.
Maybe for a second too long.
When I turned back,
He was gone.
Lost forever from me.

Not for her.
She found him right away.
Swooped him up
And sped him away.

I lay breathless,
Looking back at
My ignorance.
His disappearance.
My deserving of it.
Her stabbing gain.

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writes2express said...
Apr. 1, 2010 at 11:16 pm
wow, i know exactly how you feel. this is a good one too : )
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